Various Functions Of Heat Guns You Never Know

Posted by Admin on July, 25, 2019

A heat gun is basically a device which looks like a hairdryer. However, this device can blow many times hotter air flow than a hairdryer. A heat gun includes
• A source of heat, generally an electrically heated element, but occasionally a gas flame;
• A device to move the hot air such as an electric fan, a nozzle to direct the air,
• A simple tube pointing in one direction, or particularly shaped for purposes such as directing the heat on a small area or melting a pipe but not the wall behind;
• A cover to hold the components and keep the operator safe;
• An apparatus to switch it on and off such as a trigger;
• A handlebar and a built-in or exterior stand for the gun to be used hands-free

Different applications of heat guns
Heat guns are used in physics, chemistry, engineering, materials science, and other laboratory and garage settings. Different types of heat guns operate at different temperatures and with different airflow. These can be used to
1. Strip paint,
2. Shrink heat shrink tubing,
3. Shrink film, and
4. Shrink wrap packaging,
5. Dry out damp wood,
6. Bend and weld plastic,
7. Soften adhesives, and
8. Thaw frozen pipes
Heat guns, often called hot air guns are used in electronics to de-solder and rework surface-mounted circuit board components. These are also used for functional testing of overheat protection devices, in order to safely simulate an overheat condition.

Heat guns for embossing painting
Embossing is the art of making a raised design by using a heat source. This is the perfect instrument needed for embossing painting. The heat gun can melt crystals into pools of vibrant hues. What all required is the embossing powder and a heat gun to stir the creativity of scrapbook enthusiasts.

Heat guns to remove paint
This task is no more painstaking. It is successful at removing paint from any surface. However, the temperature must be regulated to make sure that the surface does not get damaged. Even the thickest layer of paint can be removed using heat guns. This works well, especially on wooden surfaces.

Heat guns for plumbing
This compact and useful tool has become quite indispensable to the plumber, making his job a lot easier.
The heat gun speeds up the process of bending PVC pipes which makes plumbing lines run smoother and decreases the number of joins that are required. The heat gun speeds up the process of bending PVC pipes which makes plumbing lines run smoother and decreases the number of joins that are required.

How to get high-quality heat guns?
There are numerous suppliers, manufacturers, and heat guns exporters in India who deal with different types of heat guns. They come up with the following features to sell high-quality products online.
• Highly centralized towards delivering optimum quality products
• manufacture products from supreme quality raw materials in conformance with the international norms & standards.
• possess an experienced team of workers, who check the products from the raw materials to the stage of the final production.

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